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I am a first year PhD student at Leibniz University Hannover, Germany and a MSCA fellow currently working on one of the projects in CLEOPATRA ITN. As a part of the ITN, I am employed as a research assistant at Visual Analytics Group, TIB and advised by Dr. Ralph Ewerth. My current work and research revolves around interdesciplinary topics like deep/machine learning, multimodality with focus on Computer Vision and NLP, digital humanities and semiotics. In addition, I am really interested in exploring explainable AI, training with limited data or self-supervised learning and clustering.

Prior to joining TIB, I worked for ~3 years as a research assistant with Dr. Saket Anand (IIITD) on Visual Wildlife Monitoring and collaborated with Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun. During this time, I worked on projects spanning individual recognition (Biometrics) and object detection/classification for patterned wildlife species, rhesus macaques and several Indian terrestrial wildlife species. In addition, I explored semi-supervised learning, explainability/uncertainty/compression (Bayesian Deep Learning) and confidence calibration with an aim to analyze and improve deep learning models to be used with real data. I also collaborated with Ankita Shukla (PhD student, IIITD) and Dr. Ryan Farrell (BYU, Utah) during my time as a research assistant.

I received my master’s from IIIT, Delhi, where my thesis was about exploring mean shift clustering using metric learning, under the guidance of Dr. Saket Anand. During master’s, I also worked extensively on developing a traffic light/sign detection module for IIITD’s autonomous car project SWARATH and also mentored several students to improve the same.


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